Concrete Polishing in Fort Lauderdale

It may sound crazy to a lot of people, but more and more people are opting to have concrete floors installed in their Fort Lauderdale homes. Now, we aren’t talking about the simple concrete slab on which your home is built, or your concrete driveway or parking pad. Concrete has come a long way, and a professional interior concrete professional can provide you with sleek and cool looking floors. They can be created in any color you could imagine, and stamped with patterns that will be interesting and work well for your taste. Most of us think that concrete is indestructible, but the truth is that for concrete to maintain its fresh appearance, it does need regular maintenance. Sweeping and mopping is simply a normal thing to do in a home however; the concrete floors will lose their luster after time without having a professional cleaning company coming in to handle the polishing of your concrete floors. RK Cleaning Services offers quality concrete polishing in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding communities.

Marble Polishing Services in Jacksonville

Many people have found that the look of marble tiles on the walls of their showers, floors of their bathrooms and countertops for their bath vanities gives a clean and chic look that is second to none. Marble offers a fresh and up to date look, as well as provides a very high end appearance. The truth is that marble isn’t as expensive as it was several years ago. Much of the exorbitant cost of the past was because there weren’t many tradesmen who would take the chance to install marble tiles and countertops. Fortunately, most tile contractors are well equipped and trained to install marble without a hitch. Even home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot have professional tile installers that are perfectly able to handle the installation of marble in your home or commercial property. Believe it or not; marble in your home’s guest bathroom will certainly be a wow factor for the guests who come to visit. RK Cleaning Services offers complete marble polishing services in Jacksonville, and throughout the entire Duval County area.

Duval County Marble Polishing Services

A beautiful slab of marble for your kitchen countertops can truly be an exquisite work of art, especially if it is accompanied by a marble backsplash. It would make an even greater impact with marble tile on the floors. This sleek and classic look is timeless, and looks awesome with any finish choice of cabinetry. Marble always make people see dollar signs when in fact, marble is affordable and relatively easy to maintain. Of course, the marble needs to be sealed upon installation, and be cleaned with natural stone cleaner regularly. It is important to have a company come in to do a thorough polishing of the marble to keep it looking beautiful. RK Cleaning Services provides top of the line marble polishing services in Duval County.

Marble Restoration in Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a very popular and beautiful area to which many people find is one of the best vacation spots on the planet. Let’s face it; people flock to this wonderful community by the droves each and every year. For this reason, plenty of the nicer hotels have upgraded their lobbies and other communal areas with luxurious and long lasting marble tiles. Sure, the initial expense seems a bit high, considering the price of the tiles and the cost for the installation however; it is well worth it. A marble lobby makes the hotel have a grand and impressive appearance for its guests. That’s the “wow factor” hotels need to keep those annual vacationers coming back year after year. Unfortunately, the floors in hotels get an awful lot of traffic, which results in wear and tear. The floors will become dull and dingy over time, unless they are regularly maintained by a professional company. RK Cleaning Services offers commercial marble restoration in Boca Raton for Hotels.

West Palm Beach Marble Restoration Services

As many hotels have marble floors in their shared areas, quite a few more have marble tiles in the bathrooms of their high-end rooms and suites. When vacationers pay top dollar for an incredible room, they expect nothing less than the best and yes, that includes attractive marble tiles in the room’s restroom and shower. That sleek look is important for the people visiting the hotel. It truly makes a good impression that will stay with them, making them want to stay at the hotel the next time they visit. These high-end finishes make a statement that you are proud of the hotel and amenities you are providing for your guests. Maintaining the tiles is important to keeping their luster, so proper marble polishing services are a necessity. RK Cleaning Services provides hotels with the finest marble restoration in Palm Beach County.

Concrete Restoration in Boca Raton

Most of the commercial properties in the Boca Raton area have blacktop parking areas however; there are some that have opted to install concrete in their parking lots. In all honesty, concrete has a much cleaner and more welcoming appearance than the typical blacktop lots. Considering it is light in color, it reduces the heat on the pavement as well. Concrete is an excellent choice for commercial parking areas. On the other hand, concrete does require regular maintenance, such as pressure washing services in order to keep it looking fresh and clean. Without it, the surface will be stained from vehicles that leak oil and other fluids, condiments from haphazardly discarded food wrappers, and even juice drinks tossed away without care. Keeping your parking area clean is important however; over time, moisture can get under the concrete to cause it to crack. These cracks will certainly need to be repaired quickly, or else they will just get bigger and bigger until the area is a crumbling mess. RK Cleaning Services offers complete concrete restoration in Boca Raton and the surrounding communities.

Palm Beach Concrete Restoration Services

People are often amazed by the increased number of homeowners and commercial property owners who are installing concrete countertops in their houses or establishments. They are very low maintenance, and they can be created in any color a person could possibly desire. Of course, they last nearly forever providing they are not abused, so they are definitely a cost-effective option for the property owner. As with any type of countertop material, they do require regular maintenance so that they maintain their beautiful appearance. Even though the concrete surface is sealed, it still needs to have a professional come in regularly to perform polishing of the concrete. RK Cleaning Services provides the finest concrete restoration in Palm Beach County.

Granite Polishing in Boca Raton

Granite and natural stone has quickly become a booming industry in the Boca Raton area, and everywhere else for that matter. This incredible boom has taken place over the past decade or so, and sales of these desirable surfaces have continued to soar. There are plenty of reasons for this. First and foremost is that people have finally realized that all natural stone surfaces are cost-effective. Sure, the initial investment is greater than installing laminate and the like, but with proper care, granite will last forever. Generally, laminate countertops stain easily and quickly deteriorate with time. So indeed, natural stone is a better option. Secondly, it is one of the most beautiful surfaces that you can buy. Appearance is a big thing. Everybody wants their properties to be attractive to all who visit. Finally, natural stone is pretty much indestructible, unless you do something crazy like take a sledgehammer or saw to it. Without regular care, all natural stone will lose its luster. RK Cleaning Services provides high quality granite cleaning in Boca Raton, and throughout South Florida.

Palm Beach Granite Polishing Professionals

It seems that more and more moderately priced hotels are upgrading their guest rooms with granite countertops. People who vacation in South Florida expect things to be a bit up to date than mid-range hotels found around the country. There’s just something about Boca Raton that increase a visitor’s expectations of what their holiday housing will look like. Details matter to most vacationers, and details like granite countertops, thick, lush bath towels, and comfortable, attractive bedding are very important to guests. Feeling like they are in a high dollar resort while they are paying a moderate price goes a long way with visitors, and how they rate your hotel on Yelp. RK Cleaning Services offers complete granite polishing in Palm Beach County.

Commercial Floor Cleaning in Jacksonville

It is of the utmost importance that a business owner keep his commercial properties in tip top condition. For the most part, those who visit your place of business expect it to be neat, clean and tidy. Let’s face it! If the floors are dirty and dingy, people probably will not come back to patronize your establishment for a second time. If you think about it logically, you wouldn’t go back to a business that was unclean. You know you wouldn’t! Of course, it is not unreasonable for a business owner to expect his employees to keep the floor swept, or to mop up everyday spills however; you can’t expect them to do heavy duty cleaning of the floor tile and grout. That would be above and beyond what employees should be required to do. RK Cleaning Services offers professional floor cleaning in Jacksonville.

Professional Grout Cleaning in Lake Worth

Most of the homes and businesses in Lake Worth have a significant amount of tile in them. After all, it is much easier to maintain tile than carpeting in Lake Worth, especially when it comes to dragging in sand on your shoes or if the property owner has pets. Mopping floor tiles is much easier than trying to get mud stains out of carpeting. The only downside is that grout can become discolored and even stained from day to day use. Think about it! Almost anything can stain grout. Things such as coffee, red wine, mustard and the dreaded Kool-Aid can do horrible things to the grout. Nothing other than a professional grout cleaning can remove those stains. RK Cleaning Services are the grout cleaning experts for homes and businesses in Lake Worth.

Commercial Marble Polish in Palm Beach County

More and more Palm Beach commercial properties are installing marble inside of their buildings. Honestly, it’s a no-brainer. Marble is a great natural product that can last forever, if it is taken care of properly and regularly. It offers a commercial property a timeless and elegant appearance and most customers and clients in Palm Beach find marble very appealing. Unfortunately, unless the marble is properly taken care of, it can lose it glorious luster and begin to look dingy. This is the reason a commercial marble polish should be performed at least once each year. A company in Palm Beach that performs quality marble polish services can help to preserve the sheen on the marble and keep it looking as good as new. The professional cleaning services experts at RK Cleaning Services provide commercial properties with marble polish services in Palm Beach County.

Strip and Wax Janitorial Services in Delray Beach

When a potential customer or client walks into a business for the first time, the first thing that they notice is the condition of the floors. A business in Delray Beach could have the finest of furniture and accessories on display however; dingy and dirty floors are an instant turnoff for many customers. Think about it! Nobody wants to go to a business that doesn’t present itself in the best light possible. Professional strip and wax janitorial services for your Delray Beach business’ floors are important to the appearance of your establishment. Waxing does make the floors shine however; the wax slowly builds up over time and can make the flooring look dull and dirty. RK Cleaning Services offers professional strip and wax janitorial services for commercial properties in Delray Beach and the surrounding areas.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in West Palm Beach

It seems like it’s nearly impossible to keep the carpeting inside of a commercial property clean. There are so many people going in and out of the establishment, and each and every one of them track dirt and sand and other filth inside of the business. This filth gets deposited on the carpeting, and then gets ground deep down with every step other people take across the rug. After a month or two, the carpeting can be absolutely disgusting, and smell even worse. This is why you should always have a contract for regular commercial carpet cleaning in West Palm Beach with a professional company serving Dade County. Believe it or not; the life expectancy of your carpeting can be extended with regular carpet cleaning services. It’s a wise thing to do from all aspects. RK Cleaning Services offers top of the line commercial carpet cleaning in West Palm Beach and throughout Palm Beach County.