Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Water Damage Repair

    RK Cleaning Services offers water damage repair services in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade areas.

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    Mold & Mildew Removal

    RK Cleaning Services offers mold removal and restoration services in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.

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  • High Rise Windows Cleaning

    Call (954) 999-4030 and RK Cleaning Services will provide you with the best high rise windows cleaning in South Florida.

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    Janitorial Services

    RK Cleaning Services offers professional and affordable office janitorial services in South Florida.

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Commercial Cleaning

RK Cleaning Services is the premiere company for complete commercial cleaning services in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Whether your company needs everyday commercial cleaning services or weekly or monthly services, RK Cleaning Services is ready to help. Call 954-999-4030 to learn more about our commercial cleaning services.

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Floor Cleaning

The cleaning services experts at RK Cleaning Services provide a host of other services such as power pressure and pressure cleaning, grout cleaning, strip and wax services and they will polish marble until it shines. Call 954-999-4030 to see the difference between other companies’ idea of clean and RK Cleaning Services’ prestine clean.

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Restroom Cleaning

It’s all about reputation in the business, and RK Cleaning Services has an absolutely stellar reputation within the business community in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-999-4030 to learn why they are the “go to” providers of professional restroom cleaning services in the Broward County, Palm Beach County and Dade County areas.

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Commercial Cleaning Services in West Palm Beach

It is of the utmost importance that those who operate businesses or provide services maintain their places of businesses in a clean and tidy fashion. Let’s face it; people certainly will not want to patronize your company if the office is unkempt and dirty. While there are some businesses that require their own employees to perform the necessary commercial cleaning services, it’s much better to use a professional company for West Palm Beach commercial cleaning for offices. Professionals know how to clean properly, and will get the job done in less time than those who aren’t experienced commercial cleaners. In order to get the job done right the first time, you should use experienced West Palm Beach office cleaning services. RK Cleaning Services offers the finest commercial cleaning services in West Palm Beach, and throughout Palm Beach County.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Palm Beach County

Keeping a commercial property neat and clean should always be at the top of the Palm Beach County property owner’s list. One of the first things that those patronizing a place of business notice is the cleanliness of the exterior of the building. This includes the windows in a high rise building. In fact, one of the main focal points of high rise buildings is the impressive windows. While there are many commercial cleaning services in Palm Beach County that will wash windows, very few have the equipment or expertise to provide high rise window cleaning services. It is essential that OSHA standards are met by the company providing high rise cleaning services in Palm Beach County. RK Cleaning Services is licensed, insured and staffed with only highly qualifies skilled cleaners to provide commercial cleaning services in Palm Beach County and other local municipalities.

Palm Beach County Cleaning Services for Hospitals

It should go without saying that all hospitals need to be maintained in a meticulously clean and sterile way. Considering the fact that Palm Beach County hospitals are a breeding ground for germs because of ill patients, not all cleaning services in Palm Beach County are capable of doing the job properly. The average residential cleaning company would be completely overwhelmed with cleaning a hospital, or any other medical facility for that matter. It’s always best for hospital administrators to spend the time to find commercial cleaning services in Palm Beach County that have cleaners experienced with the needs of medical facilities. At RK Cleaning Services, our professional cleaners provide commercial cleaning services in Palm Beach County for hospitals and medical centers.

Expert Cleaning Services for Doctor Offices in Boca Raton

It’s absolutely essential for a doctor’s office to be meticulously clean. The standards for a health care provider’s facility are significantly higher than those of non-medical offices. There isn’t a person in the Boca Raton area who would feel comfortable and confident with a doctor’s office that’s less than perfectly clean. Although there are plenty of companies offering cleaning services, not all of them have the experience and expertise to tackle a doctor’s office. It’s even doubtful that many of them follow OSHA, AAAHC, AORN and CDC guidelines. These guidelines must be followed carefully by a cleaning services company. At RK Cleaning Services, all of the professional cleaners are trained on the proper procedures for making a doctor’s office cleaned the right way.

Cleaning Services for Boca Raton Doctor Offices

There are quite a few physicians who have stopped hiring professional cleaning services companies for cleaning their Boca Raton doctors’ offices. It’s understandable that they want to cut down on their overheads. Most of these doctors are now requiring their staff of nurses and assistants to handle the necessary cleaning services for them. This is really ridiculous as those in the medical community aren’t professional cleaners. In order to maintain a doctor’s office according to OSHA, AAAHC, AORN and CDC standards, a professional cleaning services company is a necessity. Fortunately, the professionals at RK Cleaning Services offer high quality cleaning services at reasonable rates for physicians in Boca Raton.

Commercial Marble Polish in Palm Beach County

More and more Palm Beach commercial properties are installing marble inside of their buildings. Honestly, it’s a no-brainer. Marble is a great natural product that can last forever, if it is taken care of properly and regularly. It offers a commercial property a timeless and elegant appearance and most customers and clients in Palm Beach find marble very appealing. Unfortunately, unless the marble is properly taken care of, it can lose it glorious luster and begin to look dingy. This is the reason a commercial marble polish should be performed at least once each year. A company in Palm Beach that performs quality marble polish services can help to preserve the sheen on the marble and keep it looking as good as new. The professional cleaning services experts at RK Cleaning Services provide commercial properties with marble polish services in Palm Beach County.

Complete Tile and Grout Cleaning in Boca Raton

The vast majority of commercial and residential properties in Palm Beach County have tile flooring throughout the premises. In all honesty, this is a good thing as the tile can be swept and the dirt and sand is easily removed. This generally leaves the floor looking great again however; the floor tiles actually still need to be cleaned regularly as well. Both business owners and homeowners generally want to keep their properties nice and clean. For this reason, you should consider hiring a company for professional tile and grout cleaning in Boca Raton. Sure, you can handle the regular mopping, or hire a West Palm Beach janitorial service to do, but every six months or so, you should use professionals for full service tile and grout cleaning in Boca Raton. This will help to prevent staining of the tiles and grout. RK Cleaning Services offers tile and grout cleaning in Boca Raton for commercial and residential property owners.

Commercial Mold Removal Services in Boca Raton

One of the biggest fears that both commercial property owners and homeowners share in the Palm Beach County area is mold. The fear of mold lurks in every Floridian’s head because of the environment in which we live and work. The almost constant humidity in the air can wreak havoc on a home or office, especially if the air conditioning unit fails and it takes a while to get a new one installed. The humidity is brutal in Palm Beach County and can quickly aid in the growth of mold and mildew. Once mold is noticed, it is essential that you call a company for commercial mold removal services in Boca Raton. This is a job that the average person simply cannot tackle on his or her own. Professionals simply must handle the mold and mildew problem. RK Cleaning Services offers safe and effective commercial mold removal in West Palm Beach and throughout Palm Beach County.

Janitorial Service in Miami and Dade County

For many years, most owners of businesses and professional offices had their own janitorial staff on their payroll. While this might have been a good thing for the person doing the job, as well as the economy, it certainly caused the business to expend more money than absolutely necessary. Now with the government requiring certain companies to offer healthcare for their employees, it’s more economical to hire an outside company to provide janitorial services in Miami. It’s the most cost effective way to get the work done in an efficient and professional manner. Running an economical office is essential to the success of the business or professional practice. RK Cleaning Services provides the highest quality of janitorial services in Miami and within Dade County.

Miami Janitorial Services for Urgent Care Facilities

While there are quite a few commercial cleaning services in Miami, there are very few that actually have the knowledge and experience to handle janitorial services for urgent care facilities in Miami. Cleaning a medical office is a completely different thing than the average commercial cleaning service that most companies provide to their clients. Significantly greater care must be taken while performing janitorial services for urgent care facilities in Miami. The office must be left in a completely sanitary condition for the safety of the employees and the patients alike. RK Cleaning Services offers the finest janitorial services for urgent care facilities in Miami.

Complete Office Cleaning in Miami

Schools can be some of the dirtiest places on the face of the earth. Honestly, children rarely consider cleanliness as a very important part of their lives, regardless of their age. Of course, children tend to spill a variety of things, including drinks, water paints, glue, and even body fluid. That nastiness can’t be left for inexperienced people to cleanup. It is essential that a professional company providing commercial cleaning for schools in Miami, and Dade County. While there are office cleaners that specialize only in certain aspect s of commercial cleaning services, it’s much more cost-effective to hire a full service company that can handle all of the work that you will need to have accomplished regularly. Let’s face it; an educational facility needs to save as much money as it possibly can. RK Cleaning Services can handle all commercial cleaning for schools in Miami.

Commercial Pressure Washing in Miami

Miami is a great place to live and work. Generally, the weather is spectacular however; when tropical storms and hurricanes rip through the area, it can make a real mess out of the most beautifully maintained commercial properties and residential homes alike. After a storm, dirt, sand, and other debris can be stuck on the exterior of businesses and office buildings. This must be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent damage to the paint and façade of the property. This is a project that the typical business owner should not attempt to handle. It’s imperative that the commercial pressure washing in Miami be performed properly and safely. A company for power washing in Miami should be hired to do the work. This is for the protection of the building, as improper pressure cleaning techniques could do more harm than good. RK Cleaning Services offers commercial pressure washing in Miami and throughout Dade County.

Complete Miami Construction Cleanup Services

There isn’t a person alive today that doesn’t know that anytime there is construction going on, there is bound to be a mess that is out of this world. There seems to be dust and debris in places that you couldn’t even imagine! Although looking at the mess is bad enough, it’s not nearly as difficult as handling a complete construction cleanup. This can be a grueling and brutal job to do. Hiring a company that can easily handle commercial construction cleanup in Miami would be the best decision you could ever make. Construction cleanup being performed efficiently and effectively can save you money in the long run, and will certainly have your clients smiling when they see the end product. RK Cleaning Services offers complete commercial construction cleanup services in Miami and throughout Dade County.

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