Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Water Damage Repair

    RK Cleaning Services offers water damage repair services in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade areas.

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    Mold & Mildew Removal

    RK Cleaning Services offers mold removal and restoration services in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.

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  • High Rise Windows Cleaning

    Call (954) 999-4030 and RK Cleaning Services will provide you with the best high rise windows cleaning in South Florida.

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    Janitorial Services

    RK Cleaning Services offers professional and affordable office janitorial services in South Florida.

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Commercial Cleaning

RK Cleaning Services is the premiere company for complete commercial cleaning services in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Whether your company needs everyday commercial cleaning services or weekly or monthly services, RK Cleaning Services is ready to help. Call 954-999-4030 to learn more about our commercial cleaning services.

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Floor Cleaning

The cleaning services experts at RK Cleaning Services provide a host of other services such as power pressure and pressure cleaning, grout cleaning, strip and wax services and they will polish marble until it shines. Call 954-999-4030 to see the difference between other companies’ idea of clean and RK Cleaning Services’ prestine clean.

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Restroom Cleaning

It’s all about reputation in the business, and RK Cleaning Services has an absolutely stellar reputation within the business community in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-999-4030 to learn why they are the “go to” providers of professional restroom cleaning services in the Broward County, Palm Beach County and Dade County areas.

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Marble Polishing Services in Fort Lauderdale

It seems that more and more people who own their own homes or condos in Fort Lauderdale are doing renos to improve the looks and functions of their homes. Doing renovations give you the opportunity to put exactly what you want into your home, instead of having to deal with what some other person thought would look best. It also allows you to increase the value of your home and let’s face it; we all want our homes to be worth more than we’ve invested in them. A lot of people of adding high end finishes, such as granite, limestone, or marble tiles and countertops. Marble looks gorgeous once it’s installed however; it can become dull unless it’s properly cared for. This material requires regular marble cleaning services and marble polishing in Fort Lauderdale homes. This will help to keep your high end finishes in tiptop shape. RK Cleaning Services provides quality marble polishing services in Fort Lauderdale, and throughout Broward County.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Miami

More and more commercial property owners and business owners have been enlisting the help of commercial cleaning services in Miami. For years, many have had an entire cleaning staff on the payroll to handle all of the cleaning and maintenance required to keep the property neat and tidy. Having that kind of staff on duty all of the time can really put the world of hurt on the company’s bottom line. It makes better financial sense to hire a company that specializes in commercial cleaning services in Dade County. They have better skills and knowledge of hygienic cleaning techniques than any staff that you could hire off of the street. Besides, professional companies are a much more cost-effective way to get commercial cleaning services in Miami for your company. RK Cleaning Services provides businesses with high quality commercial cleaning services in Miami and throughout Dade County.

High Reach Vacuum Cleaning in Broward County

There are loads of homes and commercial properties that have huge vaulted ceilings in Broward County and nearby areas. They look absolutely lovely and certainly give guests that “Wow Factor” that every homeowner wants people to have when they enter their homes. While the “Wow Factor” is nice, trying to keep the high ceilings clean and free from dust and cobwebs can be very difficult. Of course, the homeowner can always bring in an extension ladder, climb up it and dust the ceilings and corners, but that can prove to be a very dangerous thing to do. Nobody should risk potential injury or worse just to ensure that the house is meticulously clean. Hiring a company for high reach interior vacuum cleaning is a better idea. Professional high reach interior dusting services have the proper equipment to handle the job. RK Cleaning Services in Fort Lauderdale offers high reach vacuum cleaning in Broward County and the outlying cities.

Palm Beach High Reach Interior Dusting

One of the banes to many homeowners’ existences is tackling the job of dusting the ledges that a lot of homes with vaulted ceilings have. Naturally, most put lovely silk planters, vases, or other focal pieces on the ledges, but dusting those items can be brutal. Climbing up and down on a step stool or ladder can take its toll on the average person, especially if they are older. Besides, it can be a really time consuming task removing and replacing each and every display piece. It’s just so much easier and efficient to utilize cleaning services in Palm Beach that can handle those ledges with the proper equipment. RK Cleaning Services offers the state of the art SkyVac for high reach interior dusting in Palm Beach.

Commercial Power Washing and Pressure Cleaning in Boca Raton

Most of the business owners in beautiful Boca Raton are very fastidious when it comes to the maintenance and care required for their commercial properties. This upkeep should go without saying however; some commercial property owners try their best to save money on maintenance. This is very unwise as it could cost the businesses customers and income. Let’s face it! Commercial properties that are rented to businesses rely on the rents to stay afloat and earn money. Once a commercial property begins to show signs of neglect, people in Boca Raton simply don’t want to go there. Power washing your commercial property will help to give it a clean, fresh look. Pressure cleaning can get rid of dirt and debris that has become attached to the paint on the building. The expert cleaners at RK Cleaning Services provide high quality power washing services for many commercial properties in Boca Raton.

High Reach Gutters Cleaning in Broward County

One of the most dreaded but necessary outdoor chores for home maintenance is cleaning the gutters. It’s understandable that no one looks forward to tackling this arduous task every year. Climbing on a rickety ladder and removing a year’s worth of nasty, gooey filth is not most people’s idea of having a good time. Of course, there is always the possibility that the Fort Lauderdale homeowner could fall or the ladder, and become severely injured. It would be well worth your while to hire a professional company for gutters cleaning in Broward County. This is especially true with properties having more than one story. Taking a fall performing gutters cleaning on a single story home would be bad enough however; falling from a two story property could be deadly. RK Cleaning Services offers high reach gutters cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, and all of Broward County.

Palm Beach Gutter Cleaning Services

There are all too many Palm Beach property owners who simply don’t understand the importance of proper gutters cleaning and maintenance. It just isn’t something that is always at the front of a person’s mind. The gutters really aren’t something one notices. Naturally, homeowners notice when the paint begins to fade or peel, or the grass becomes overgrown. The gutters are just there. Because you don’t see inside of them regularly, they are oftentimes forgotten about. Gutters cleaning in Palm Beach should be done annually to prevent them from breaking, or worse, flooding inside of the home or cracking the foundation of the structure. RK Cleaning Services performs high reach gutters cleaning in Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas.

Mold Removal Services in Fort Lauderdale

The humidity that we experience in Fort Lauderdale is absolutely incredible. Even though we all have our air conditioners running nearly year round, the humidity can create damage inside of the home. While we all know that humidity can cause mildew and mold, few people actually worry about this until there is a noticeable problem with it. That’s when the major issues occur, and the mold problem snowballs. The time to remedy the mold problem is the minute you detect any sign of black growth, even if it only appears to be a minute issue. Mold cannot be remedied by the average homeowner. It needs to be addressed by professional mold removal services in Fort Lauderdale. RK Cleaning Services in Fort Lauderdale offers complete mold removal services in Broward County.

Mildew Removal Services in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach has so much to offer its residents. The spectacular beaches, tantalizing restaurants, eclectic shops, and so much more make living in Palm Beach County like living in your own personal paradise. Of course, there are always downsides when living in a veritable paradise. One of those downsides is mildew. No matter how often you clean, you will more than likely experience mildew in your West Palm Beach home. Mildew even occurs in the highest end homes. It’s just a fact of life with living in this area. Unfortunately, getting rid of mildew in a home isn’t as easy as one might think. Those mildew cleaners that they sell at Publix and Lowes simply cover up the problem; they don’t actually get rid of the problem. Professional mildew removal services in West Palm Beach are needed quickly. RK Cleaning Services offers top of the line mildew removal services in Palm Beach County.

Restroom Cleaning Services for Offices in Fort Lauderdale

There isn’t a person working in an office atmosphere that would volunteer to clean the public restrooms. Sure, employers could force someone to handle it, but the average person is not professionally trained to provide restroom cleaning services while they’re working their office job. Cleaning a public restroom is dirty business. The germs, bacteria and other nasty things that breed there are potentially dangerous. This is why professional restroom cleaning services are essential for offices in Fort Lauderdale. Great care must be taken to completely sanitize the restrooms in order to maintain a healthy environment for those who use them. This can only be accomplished by a professional restroom cleaning services company. RK Cleaning Services is the premiere provider of restroom cleaning services for offices in Fort Lauderdale.

High Rise Windows Cleaning Miami

There are a plethora of absolutely stunning high rise buildings located nearly everywhere you look throughout beautiful Dade County FL. Residents and visitors alike are always mesmerized by the sight of the Miami skyline, especially when it is all lit up in the evening. Unfortunately when the windows are filthy and dirty, it really hinders the appearance of the building as a whole. Sure, the average maintenance man or housekeeper in the building can ensure that the inside of the windows are kept clean and free from dirt however; much of the dirt is actually built up on the exterior of the windows. This is quite unsightly and can make the building look unkempt and shabby, even if it is a newer structure. It is important to keep the building looking great, so hiring professionals for high rise windows cleaning in Miami is necessary. RK Cleaning Services offers high rise windows cleaning in Dade County.

Stone Tile Polish in Boynton Beach

In the past, many people in Boynton Beach were all gung ho for ceramic tiles. Back then, ceramic tiles with the “in” thing to have in a home or business setting. It isn’t that ceramic tiles aren’t nice and all, but people nowadays are opting to install natural stone tiles in Boynton Beach. Natural stone tiles come in many colors and the beauty of them is that no two tiles are going to be exactly the same. They provide a beautifully natural look to a home or commercial property. Unfortunately, stone tiles can be very expensive to purchase and have installed. The salesperson and installer rarely take the time to explain to the consumer that stone tiles do require regular care and maintenance, such a grout cleaning and a high quality stone tile polish regularly. RK Cleaning Services provides the highest quality stone tile polish in Boynton Beach for residential and commercial clients.

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