Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Broward County

It can be absolutely brutal trying to keep the carpeting installed in a commercial property clean and in sanitary condition. Take a few minutes and take a walk through the parking area of the property. Look at the area where cars park, as well as all around the cement or blacktop surfaces. There is no doubt that you will see a lot of leaked fluids, such as engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant in the parking spaces. More than likely, there will be dumped out soda cans, cigarette butts, fast food refuse, and other nasty things. Most people don’t watch where they are walking, so you can bet all of that disgusting stuff is getting dragged inside on the soles of the guests’ shoes. While hard surface floors can easily be mopped for cleanliness, carpeting will need to be professionally cleaned. Of course, in between deep cleaning services, daily vacuuming is essential. Any employee can quickly run the vacuum prior to locking up however; they cannot and should not handle shampooing the carpets. RK Cleaning Services offers complete janitorial services, including shampooing of commercial carpeting.

Carpet Shampooers for Commercial Properties

Regardless of the type of business that is being done in the commercial property, there will spills of one kind or another. This is especially true if young children and brought into the building with their parents. From a spilled sippy cup of juice to a leaking diaper, the carpeting can quickly become extremely unsanitary. You certainly can’t expect an employee to clean up urine or fecal material from a leaking diaper. For this reason, it is essential that a commercial property owner has a trusted company for cleaning on speed dial. RK Cleaning Services provides emergency services for cleaning commercial carpets.

Complete Carpet Maintenance for Businesses

It’s really important that people visiting a business see a neat and clean establishment. This will make them want to visit and patronize the business. On the flipside, they simply won’t want to return to a place that has dirty, stained, and smelly carpet. It just wouldn’t be inviting, and the lackluster impression wouldn’t make them want to come back. RK Cleaning Services can keep your commercial carpeting looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Professional Cleaners for Commercial Carpeting

The professionals at RK Cleaning Services offer a plethora of services for commercial property owners. From high reach gutters cleaning and power washing to laminate floor strip and wax and carpet shampooing, the cleaners will ensure your business is in tiptop condition. Call 954-999-4030 to schedule an appointment for services in Broward County, Boca Raton, or Fort Lauderdale today.