Laminate Floor Strip and Wax in Fort Lauderdale

Many commercial property owners these days are choosing to have high quality, laminate flooring inside the buildings that they own in Broward County. There are plenty of reasons to do so, but the difference in the pricing between real hardwood flooring and laminate seems to be one of the main reasons. Hardwoods can be very expensive, which makes the option of laminate much more appealing to the owner. Those who own commercial properties are truly only concerned with one thing, and that is getting the biggest financial return on their investments. It makes perfect sense. Of course, in order to keep the flooring in tiptop condition, it is essential that the property owner enlist the services of a company for regular floor cleaning and maintenance. These services are important to ensure the floors are taken care of properly. RK Cleaning Services offers complete flooring maintenance by professional laminate cleaners.

Professional Cleaning for Laminate Flooring

The way that companies manufacture laminate flooring now makes it rather difficult to tell the difference between true hardwood flooring and its laminate lookalike. This makes it great for the property owner’s bank account, but makes it hard for the tenants to know how to properly care for it. Someone without proper knowledge can easily destroy the flooring. This would result in the need to completely replace it, as styles are discontinued after only a few years. It’s wise to only allow professionals to clean and maintain the laminate floors in your building. This will definitely help to protect your investment. RK Cleaning Services provides quality services for the laminate floors in your commercial properties.

Annual Laminate Floor Maintenance

While weekly and monthly cleanings are important, it is equally as important to have the flooring stripped and waxed every year. After about a year, the laminate will start to lose its luster, and look dull and dingy. It will almost appear to have a film covering over the entire floor. This film is actually a buildup of wax that is used to maintain the shine. The wax needs to be stripped down, and waxed again. The waxing only last about a year before it begins to yellow and become lackluster, giving the appearance that it is old, and uncared for. The professionals at RK Cleaning Services provide strip and wax services for laminate flooring.

Stripping and Waxing for Laminate Floors

RK Cleaning Services is the premiere provider of floor maintenance and cleaning for commercial buildings in Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville. From tile and grout cleaning to laminate floors stripping and waxing, the flooring experts at RK Cleaning Services do it all. Call 954-999-4030 to schedule professional laminate floor services today.