Water Damage Cleanup in Broward County

There isn’t a property in the world that is not susceptible to having some sort of water leaking problem anywhere in the world. It could be something as simple as a child forgot to shut off the faucet in the bathtub to a kitchen faucet that leaks at the base when it is turned on. Those are simple fixes. Teach the kid to shut the tub off, and replace the leaking faucet. Unfortunately, there is a plethora of other things that can be expensive because of leaking water. Believe it or not; a pipe can begin to leak inside of the wall, and the property owner will never know until the wallboards begin to get soft, or water begins to pool on the floor. This type of leak is the most dangerous, as the longer the damage goes unnoticed, the longer the mold has to grow and set down roots, so to speak. A long-term leak can be financially disastrous. It is essential that water damage is addressed immediately. RK Cleaning Services offers complete cleanup services for water damage in Broward County.

Broward County Water Damage Restoration

Fort Lauderdale is generally pretty lucky when it comes to avoiding getting hit with monstrous hurricanes on a regular basis however; this beautiful area is susceptible to severe flooding even with a heavy thunderstorm or minor tropical storm. It’s just the nature of the beast in Broward County. Sea level is sea level, we can’t change that and we probably wouldn’t want to anyway. The heavy rains in the area result in flooding and oftentimes, that flooding gets into people’s homes and commercial properties. Depending upon the extent of the flooding, drywall might need to be removed and replaced, as well as the insulation. Leaving anything that has been wet or even slightly damp will cause problems in the long run. RK Cleaning Services provides residential and commercial property flood restoration throughout Broward County.

Flood Damage Remediation in Broward County

It’s a very fortunate thing that most people who live in South Florida have hurricane shutters that can be installed on their windows and doors of their residential and commercial properties. During a hurricane, tropical storm, or even a heavy thunder and wind storm, unsecured objects can be propelled through windows and glass doors. The hurricane shutters can prevent that however, those who did not invest in the shutters can very well experience water damage because of broken windows. Covering the windows with tarp as soon as possible will help, but once the storm passes, a professional company will need to handle the flood repairs. RK Cleaning Services supplies property owners in Broward County with top of the line storm flooding remediation.

Broward County Storm Damage Restoration

RK Cleaning Services understands the needs of their clients in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County and Broward County. They know that remediating flood waters from a home or business must be done quickly and fastidiously. Call 954-999-4030 as soon as you realize your property is having an issue with water damage.