Laminate Floor Strip and Wax in Miami

There are tons of commercial property owners that choose to install laminate floor planks in their buildings. This is a wise decision as it makes the facility much more welcoming for the patrons, as opposed to the typical ceramic tiles that most places have for floors. The laminate gives the establishment a homier and comfortable feel; while ceramic tiles offer a more stark and sterile atmosphere. Of course, laminate wouldn’t work for any kind of medical practice however; those with law offices, restaurants and bistros, therapists, and other professional offices believe that laminate is perfect for their spaces. With ceramic floors, the person cleaning them merely needs to put bleach and water in a bucket and mop the floors until they are perfectly clean. Laminate is a completely different process. Water can seriously damage the floors, so they require specialized cleaning that is safe for them. It takes a professional to truly care for the floors, and maintain them properly. This will extend the life of the laminate. RK Cleaning Services provides quality laminate floors cleaning services, and uses top of the line and material safe products.

Restoration of Commercial Laminate Flooring

Regardless of the style of flooring that a business has, there is no doubt that they that a beating. People walk through the dirty parking lot, draw things in on their feet, and proceed to carry that dirt indoors and deposit it on your floors. Your floors are truly as disgusting as they sound at this point. Without using too much water, the average person will not be able to get them clean and sanitary again. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that commercial property owners contract with a quality cleaning service to take care of the laminates in the building. RK Cleaning Services offers expert cleaners for stripping and waxing laminate floor planks.

Commercial Laminate Restoration Services

Although laminate is a lot a less expensive than hardwood flooring, it still is a major investment in a property. Many people fail to realize that this type of floor requires annual stripping and waxing to keep in looking fresh. Without this process, the floors lose their luster, and become dull and lackluster. Dull and dingy floors are never good for business. They just look dirty and unkempt. RK Cleaning Services has cleaners that specialize in laminate floor plank care.

Wax Removal and Reapplication for Laminate Floor Planks

RK Cleaning Services offers a professional staff of cleaners for all of their commercial clients. From carpet cleaning and laminate floor restoration to high reach vacuum cleaning and high reach gutters cleaning, the professional cleaners do it all. Call 954-999-4030 to have your laminate flooring stripped and waxed in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville.