New RK Office in Jacksonville

For a long time, Jacksonville lacked professional, residential and commercial cleaning services companies. Oftentimes, this caused homeowners and commercial property owners to hire less than quality cleaners for the necessary janitorial services they need. A home or business that isn’t spotless reflects poorly on the owner or manager. It’s so important to contract with a cleaning services company that takes pride in their work and is dedicated to make their client’s homes sparkling. Fortunately, RK Cleaning Services has recognized the need to top notch cleaning services in Jacksonville and its surrounding areas and has stepped up to the plate. RK Cleaning Services has opened up a brand new office in Jacksonville Florida to serve residential and commercial property owners. Now the good people of Jacksonville can experience the high quality cleaning services that RK Cleaning Services’ clients in Broward County, Palm Beach County and Dade County have enjoyed for years.

Parking Lot Pressure Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

It’s really important for commercial property owners to have regular maintenance for their parking lots. In all honesty, customers and clients visiting the property must drive, park and walk in that parking lot. It’s necessary to maintain the lot and have someone do daily parking lot cleaning in Ft. Lauderdale. This simply entails picking up debris and refuse or sweeping away the dirt. Professional parking lot pressure cleaning is only needed a few times each year. Pressure cleaning for a parking lot will make it look better and at times, last longer. A dirty area for people to park can be a real turnoff for many people. A professional parking lot pressure cleaning company can make the parking lot for any Ft. Lauderdale commercial property look neat and clean. RK Cleaning Services provide a variety of cleaning services for Ft. Myers businesses including parking lot pressure cleaning.

Construction Cleanup Services in Boca Raton

Every single form of construction in Boca Raton results in a mess and requires a significant amount of construction cleanup at the site. There is always sawdust blowing through the air and being deposited in places that the average person would never think to look. A professional construction cleanup services company will find every single piece of sawdust and clean the property until it sparkles. Any quality Boca Raton construction company owner understands the need to have the site professionally cleaned by a construction services company prior to the owners’ inspection. Owners want to see their properties meticulously clean and are often put off by dust and other usual dirt that results from renovations on a property. The professionals at RK Cleaning Services are experts at construction cleanup at Boca Raton construction sites.

Commercial Pressure Washing in Miami

Miami is a great place to live and work. Generally, the weather is spectacular however; when tropical storms and hurricanes rip through the area, it can make a real mess out of the most beautifully maintained commercial properties and residential homes alike. After a storm, dirt, sand, and other debris can be stuck on the exterior of businesses and office buildings. This must be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent damage to the paint and façade of the property. This is a project that the typical business owner should not attempt to handle. It’s imperative that the commercial pressure washing in Miami be performed properly and safely. A company for power washing in Miami should be hired to do the work. This is for the protection of the building, as improper pressure cleaning techniques could do more harm than good. RK Cleaning Services offers commercial pressure washing in Miami and throughout Dade County.

Complete Miami Construction Cleanup Services

There isn’t a person alive today that doesn’t know that anytime there is construction going on, there is bound to be a mess that is out of this world. There seems to be dust and debris in places that you couldn’t even imagine! Although looking at the mess is bad enough, it’s not nearly as difficult as handling a complete construction cleanup. This can be a grueling and brutal job to do. Hiring a company that can easily handle commercial construction cleanup in Miami would be the best decision you could ever make. Construction cleanup being performed efficiently and effectively can save you money in the long run, and will certainly have your clients smiling when they see the end product. RK Cleaning Services offers complete commercial construction cleanup services in Miami and throughout Dade County.

Commercial Cleaning Services for HOA Condominiums in Miami

One of the things that people who live in condos love about it is that the homeowners association handles an awful lot of the maintenance that often creates headaches for the average owner. With an HOA, the owners needn’t worry about cutting the grass, power washing the driveway, or even pressure washing the exterior of the home. This is all taken care of by the HOA, and paid for with the HOA fees collected from the property owners. With that being said, the HOA is only allowed to hire licensed and insured companies for commercial cleaning services for HOA condominiums in Miami. It’s never a good thing for anyone to hire fly by night, unlicensed companies, but it is a big problem for those in condos. RK Cleaning Services offers commercial pressure washing for HOA condominiums in Miami.

Commercial Construction Cleanup Services in Fort Lauderdale

Because of the sudden increase in the property values of homes in Fort Lauderdale, more and more new homes are being built at record rates. It seems that every space that is vacant in Broward County is quickly becoming a construction zone, with builders developing lovely homes in which new families will soon reside. With this upswing in construction, it gets harder and harder to find reliable companies for commercial construction cleanup services in Fort Lauderdale. Finding a company that does the job properly is tough, but finding one that gets to the site as agreed and gets the job done on time is even tougher. Reliability and work ethic don’t seem to be priorities for many Fort Lauderdale construction cleanup services companies. RK Cleaning Services employ only the utmost professionals for providing commercial construction cleanup services in Fort Lauderdale and all of Broward County.

Fort Lauderdale Construction Cleanup Services

It seems that many of the companies offering construction cleanup services in Fort Lauderdale don’t comprehend the fact that all of the cleanup must be completed quickly in order for the homeowners to move into their homes. It also means that the builders don’t get their final payments until the job is technically complete, which includes the commercial construction cleanup services in Fort Lauderdale. The key to getting the work done properly and on time is hiring the right professionals for the job. RK Cleaning Services provides quality and reliable construction services in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Broward County.

Mattress Cleaning in Broward County

On the average, most people spend a third of their lives sleeping. That’s two thousand nine hundred and twenty hours each and every year. That incredible number of hours doesn’t include anytime that is spent while a person is resting while ill, or simply lounging and relaxing. Just imagine the amount of perspiration that gets absorbed by the mattress over the course of a year! It’s something that few people truly want to think about however; that perspiration is there. Instead of replacing your mattress annually, you should consider a company for mattress cleaning in Broward County. Mattresses are quite expensive these days, so it makes sense to get professional mattress cleaning to keep it clean and smelling fresh. Nobody would want to sleep in a malodorous bed. RK Cleaning Services in Broward County offers premium mattress cleaning in Fort Lauderdale and the outlying cities.

Palm Beach Mattress Cleaning Services

It’s a scientific fact that we all shed skin cells while we are sleeping at night. Those skin cells that flake off are so minute that they go right through the bed linens, and get deposited inside of the mattress itself. Many mattress companies say that a mattress doubles in weight every eight years due to skin cells. Mattress cleaning in Palm Beach can help to remove the skin cells that are deep down inside of the mattress. Of course, using your household vacuum weekly will help, but a professional mattress cleaning should be done annually. RK Cleaning Services in Fort Lauderdale provides the finest mattress cleaning in Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas.

Commercial Power Washing and Pressure Cleaning in Boca Raton

Most of the business owners in beautiful Boca Raton are very fastidious when it comes to the maintenance and care required for their commercial properties. This upkeep should go without saying however; some commercial property owners try their best to save money on maintenance. This is very unwise as it could cost the businesses customers and income. Let’s face it! Commercial properties that are rented to businesses rely on the rents to stay afloat and earn money. Once a commercial property begins to show signs of neglect, people in Boca Raton simply don’t want to go there. Power washing your commercial property will help to give it a clean, fresh look. Pressure cleaning can get rid of dirt and debris that has become attached to the paint on the building. The expert cleaners at RK Cleaning Services provide high quality power washing services for many commercial properties in Boca Raton.