Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Water Damage Repair

    RK Cleaning Services offers water damage repair services in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade areas.

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    Mold & Mildew Removal

    RK Cleaning Services offers mold removal and restoration services in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.

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  • High Rise Windows Cleaning

    Call (954) 999-4030 and RK Cleaning Services will provide you with the best high rise windows cleaning in South Florida.

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    Janitorial Services

    RK Cleaning Services offers professional and affordable office janitorial services in South Florida.

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Commercial Cleaning

RK Cleaning Services is the premiere company for complete commercial cleaning services in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Whether your company needs everyday commercial cleaning services or weekly or monthly services, RK Cleaning Services is ready to help. Call 954-999-4030 to learn more about our commercial cleaning services.

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Floor Cleaning

The cleaning services experts at RK Cleaning Services provide a host of other services such as power pressure and pressure cleaning, grout cleaning, strip and wax services and they will polish marble until it shines. Call 954-999-4030 to see the difference between other companies’ idea of clean and RK Cleaning Services’ prestine clean.

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Restroom Cleaning

It’s all about reputation in the business, and RK Cleaning Services has an absolutely stellar reputation within the business community in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-999-4030 to learn why they are the “go to” providers of professional restroom cleaning services in the Broward County, Palm Beach County and Dade County areas.

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Restaurants Disinfection Services in Fort Lauderdale

During these trying times staying as safe as possible is extremely important. Customer safety is RK Cleaning Services main goal. RK Cleaning Services operates 24/7 so that we can help out as many people as possible. We here at RK Cleaning Services are closely monitoring the COVID-19 so we can help as many people and businesses as possible. We are doing our part to help slow down the spread of COVID-19.

Restaurants Deep Cleaning Services in Broward County

RK Cleaning Services provides restaurants deep cleaning services in Broward County. Our staff will use protective equipment during the cleaning and the cleaning is safe on electronics and areas where you set your food. They use EPA approved hospital grade solutions to disinfect everything. The solution kills viruses similar to COVID-19 and they reach hidden surfaces so absolutely everything gets disinfected.

Property Management Sanitizing Services in Miami

In these trying times customer safety is RK Cleaning Services main goal. RK Cleaning Services is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation so we can help as many people as possible with our cleaning services. We will gladly help you out in any cleaning situations you have and we are trying to help as many businesses and individuals out as possible. We are trying to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Deep Cleaning Services in Miami Dade County

RK Cleaning Services provides deep cleaning services in Miami Dade County. They will get rid of any stray piece of dirt or dust so that your house is sparkling clean. They will always get it done fast and high quality. They will leave nothing unclean and will make sure you’re happy with their services. They will reach hidden surfaces and make sure your house is as clean as it has ever been.

Sanitizing Cleaning Services in Miami

In these trying times staying safe is very important. Customer safety is RK Cleaning service’s goal and they will happily help you out in any of your cleaning or disinfecting needs. RK Cleaning Services operates 24/7 so that they can help out businesses and individuals who are changing their way of life to adapt to COVID-19. We are closely monitoring the situation so that we can slow the spread of COVID-19.

Virus Sanitizing Services in Miami Dade County

RK Cleaning Services provides virus sanitizing services in Miami Dade County. Their staff uses protective equipment to protect them and you. They use EPA approved hospital grade solutions to disinfect any type of building like business and schools. The solution is safe on electronics and food. You don’t need to wipe anything down afterwards to stop cross contamination from occurring and infecting you.

Daycare Disinfection Services in Parkland

Daycare disinfection services in Parkland are a very vital service, especially this year. If your daycare does not take care of this religiously, it could cause many issues not only with parents but also with your local guidelines for staying open for business. Parents of essential workers depend on daycares to ensure their children are safe, and the environment is safe, as well as staying open while they are working on the frontlines. Hiring a specialized service can provide you peace of mind and documentation of compliance with local and CDC guidelines. Using a service also allows you to lessen the workload of your already overworked staff.

Daycare Sanitizing Services in Parkland

It is a parents’ nightmare to have daycare closed anytime, even more so this year with all the essential workers and people trying to keep their jobs. It is imperative that parents have peace of mind that someone is there for them and their family. Using some type of daycare sanitizing services in Parkland is a great option for your daycare business to ensure parents are comfortable and you are in compliance with guidelines to stay open. Keeping everyone safe is always a priority and allowing your staff to focus on the children and parents makes this service a win-win situation.

Office Sanitizing Services in Hollywood

Office sanitizing services in Hollywood is a necessary practice, this year more than ever. Some businesses are required to show cleaning and sanitizing schedules or proof to stay in business due to the virus. So many things have changed or had to be readjusted this year, to be much more aware of sanitary issues. Not just for businesses to stay open, but for the safety of their employees and customers. Choosing to have an office sanitizing service regularly clean your office is an excellent way to adhere to the CDC and/or local guidelines and be able to show proof of compliance, if necessary.

Deep Cleaning Services in Broward County

When you need deep cleaning services in Broward County, asking for referrals is typically a first step in finding a company that fits your needs. Start with family and friends, co-workers, or other businesses if you need a commercial deep clean. After you gather several highly referred companies, you could do your own online research of each one, then contact the ones you like best. Asking good questions is imperative in getting good answers. Things you may want to know; how long they have been in business, what training and experience they have, what exact services they offer, if they have a satisfaction guarantee and if all of their employees are bonded. This will help you narrow down your best fit.

Office Disinfection Services in Lutz

During this interesting year we have navigated through, office disinfection services in Lutz are a huge priority, especially for small businesses that are struggling to stay open and follow local guidelines. It can be extremely cost effective and a wise business decision to use a professional cleaning service for your office disinfection. This allows you to track and have documentation of services, saves you labor hours of regular staff who may take longer because they are not used to these responsibilities. Professional cleaners also are able to use commercial grade disinfectants that are proper for your needs but may not be available to purchase as a consumer.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Lutz

For commercial cleaning services in Lutz, you want to ensure that you have a great fit with your contracted cleaning service. Having an idea of what you require is all you need to contact a few cleaning services and find the best fit for you. Our professional, friendly staff will help nail down exactly what you need, how often and leave you satisfied that it will be a win-win relationship. Using a commercial cleaning service saves you time, stress, and disruption to your normal work. Our staff will walk through every step of your needs to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations in all areas.

Disinfection Cleaning Services in Deerfield Beach

Disinfection cleaning services in Deerfield Beach is a common necessity during the craziness we are living in this year. Business owners are needing to jump through hoops they never have had to before, just to stay open or reopen. It has been a rough year for everyone, but one way to relieve some of your stress is to hire a cleaning service that is a perfect fit for you and meets all of your compliance needs. It does not take a lot of time to do a little bit of leg work to ensure that you find a great fit.

Virus Disinfection Services in Broward County

Whether you are residential or a business, if you have concerns or had positive virus in your environment you most likely have high stress. Virus disinfection services in Broward County is a perfect way to reduce your stress and not create many extra hours of work for you, your family, or your staff. You may only need a one-time disinfection from a recent exposure or regularly scheduled cleanings to stay in compliance with local or CDC mandates. Choosing a reputable, experienced company will alleviate stress and offer you much peace of mind.

Water Damage Restoration in Pompano Beach

Anytime you have water damage there is the possibility that restoration will be necessary. There are many steps to water damage, that may or may not be required depending on the actual damage and how quickly the source was mitigated. If you do require water damage restoration in Pompano Beach, choosing a contractor or company that offers all phases from leaks to full restoration is an exceptionally good option. It allows for quicker completion, less stress for you and your family, and typically less costly to have a single contractor. Having the right fit allows you peace of mind that everything will be completely properly.

Storm Damage Remediation in Pompano Beach

Storm damage remediation in Pompano Beach has many options, and there are many different needs in remediation. Choosing the right service or contractor will ensure that the work is completed properly and in a timely manner. It is a great idea to ask family and friends for referrals and do a bit a research, as well as interview a few companies that you think sound good. This will help you to know it is a good fit for you. Ask specific questions, confirm their experience, and ask about their guarantee or warranty policies.

Office Sanitizing Services in Pompano Beach

Currently, in the craziness of 2020, office sanitizing services in Pompano Beach is a very necessary service. In order to be able to continue to service your customers, you must be able to ensure that the environment is safe. Using a commercial or professional cleaning service is a great option for this that removes the stress and extra work from you and your staff. As you are shopping for the right fit for your needs, it is a great idea to make a detailed list of services, specialized needs, and expectations to discuss with prospective companies.

Deep Cleaning Services in Broward County

Routine cleaning and deep cleaning services in Broward County are two vastly different services. Many regular customers have a combination of both services that suits their needs and requirements very well. Routine cleaning can be done normally with a deep clean scheduled as needed. This is perfect for commercial and residential services; you get the best of both worlds and it saves money and time. A deep clean ensures that nothing gets missed, the things that do not need a daily or weekly clean do need a regular schedule. A deep clean can include walls, carpet cleaning, and upholstery but would be specifically geared to your needs.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Lighthouse Point

For all of your commercial cleaning services in Lighthouse Point our professionally trained staff at RK Cleaning Services has your back. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority in everything we do, from our office staff at first contact to each cleaning completed. No matter how large or small your cleaning needs are, we will treat you exactly the same, like our best customer. All of our staff is specifically trained in the skills for your needs, we tailor each customer with the properly experienced personnel.

Odor Removal Services in Lighthouse Point

Order removal services in Lighthouse Point can be for your home, office or just about anywhere or anything. Your best option is to choose a company that actually uses proper equipment that removes or neutralizes the odors, not just covers them up temporarily. Synthetic scents and chemicals that cover odors can be harmful and do not last. When you are looking to hire an odor removal company, ask them questions about what they use to treat odors; if it is safe for your application, such as do you have children or pets or allergies. You want to ensure that you will be satisfied long term and not create other issues.

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