Porcelain Restoration Services in Fort Lauderdale

There are loads and loads of homes in Fort Lauderdale that have gorgeous porcelain tile throughout each and every room of the house. In all honesty, porcelain tile is the way to go for those living in or around the Fort Lauderdale area. There is dirt, sand, and even mud during the rainy season that is constantly being dragged into the house on the bottom of every person’s shoes, or bare feet. It’s so much easier to sweep it up and then, mop the floor tiles to keep them clean. You could spend every day of your life sweeping and mopping however; the porcelain floor tiles will still eventually lose their sheen and perfect appearance. Whether or not you realize it, there will always be a buildup from the cleaners used to make the flooring look good. For this reason, you will need to enlist the help of a company for annual porcelain restoration services in Fort Lauderdale. RK Cleaning Services offers complete porcelain polishing services in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities in Broward County.

Limestone and Granite Polishing in Fort Lauderdale

There are a lot of people these days who have realized that their home’s value will increase significantly if they renovate their homes and include high end finishes, such as limestone and granite countertops and tile. Not only do these upgrades increase the value of the home, but they also just make the home look and feel more upscale. The finishes you choose are no different than the accessories you choose to wear to embellish your suits or dresses. They’re adornments meant to make the look much more interesting and fresh. Let’s face it. Everyone wants their friends, family and guests to be wowed when they walk into their homes. It’s human nature to have that “my house is better than your house” mentality. Keeping the finishes looking good requires regular limestone polishing services or granite polishing services in Fort Lauderdale. RK Cleaning Services offers top of the line limestone polishing services in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Broward County.

Stone Tile Polish in Boynton Beach

In the past, many people in Boynton Beach were all gung ho for ceramic tiles. Back then, ceramic tiles with the “in” thing to have in a home or business setting. It isn’t that ceramic tiles aren’t nice and all, but people nowadays are opting to install natural stone tiles in Boynton Beach. Natural stone tiles come in many colors and the beauty of them is that no two tiles are going to be exactly the same. They provide a beautifully natural look to a home or commercial property. Unfortunately, stone tiles can be very expensive to purchase and have installed. The salesperson and installer rarely take the time to explain to the consumer that stone tiles do require regular care and maintenance, such a grout cleaning and a high quality stone tile polish regularly. RK Cleaning Services provides the highest quality stone tile polish in Boynton Beach for residential and commercial clients.

Flooring: Strip and Wax for Vinyl Floors in Broward County

While there are loads of people who would love to trade in their old, vinyl flooring for ceramic or stone tiles, the cold, hard truth is that there is huge difference in the prices. Vinyl flooring is sold at a fraction of the costs of other popular flooring, such as laminate, stone, and hardwood. Let’s face it! Not every person in Broward County can afford high end flooring, and vinyl flooring is a wonderful solution for those seeking to have a nice home on a thin budget. In all honesty, vinyl flooring has an estimated lifespan of fifteen to twenty years. This is pretty darn good for a minimal investment. The key to keeping the value of the investment is having it maintained properly. Although many vinyl flooring companies sport the “no wax” label, they need to be waxed to keep them looking good. And with regular waxing, comes stripping. This is not something the average homeowner can handle, a Broward County vinyl flooring company should strip and wax the floors annually. RK Cleaning Services offers professional strip and wax services for vinyl flooring in Fort Lauderdale and all of Broward County.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

For the most part, about 65% of the homes in Fort Lauderdale have ceramic or some other form of tile throughout the living space. This is done because the sand and dirt is easier to clean off of the tiles, and during the rainy season, muddy footprints can be quickly mopped away with a bucket of bleach water and mop. If there was wall to wall carpeting throughout the Broward County home, it would be a nightmare and require professional carpet cleaning services quite often. Tiles are low maintenance however; over time, they do get grungy looking. The grout between the tiles even gets dingy and discolored. This can make the Fort Lauderdale homeowner appear to be less than concerned about how their home looks. Nobody wants their guests to think that they do not maintain their home properly. A professional tile and grout cleaning service can make your Broward County home’s tiles and grout look new again. RK Cleaning Services provides quality tile and grout cleaning in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding cities.

Laminate Flooring: Strip and Wax Services

It seems that more and more Fort Lauderdale home and condo owners are installing laminate flooring in their homes. It really makes a lot of sense to have laminate flooring. Let’s face it! Laminate is a heck of a lot less money than hardwood flooring. It’s simple to install. Even the homeowner with little hands on skills can easily install laminate flooring. It looks so much like real hardwood that people actually need to ask whether the floor is laminate or hardwood. Yes, it is that nice if it is installed correctly in your Broward County home. Of course, there is care required to maintain the luster of laminate flooring. Annually, the laminate floors will need strip and wax services or they will look dingy and appear to be fake wood. Nobody wants their guests to immediately notice the floors are laminate. They want the “Is it real or is it Memorex” moment! RK Cleaning Services is the premiere provider of strip and wax services for laminate flooring in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding cities in Broward County.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Miami

Businesses and commercial property owners can find slews of commercial cleaning services in Miami however; most are limited to performing basic cleaning tasks such as mopping, dusting and emptying the refuse baskets. Most businesses in Miami require significantly more services than general cleaning. Just think of the number of people who walk across the carpeting every month, as well as the number of times that even one of those people have sneezed or cough while standing on the carpet. Because the bacteria are carried by liquid droplets, it is quickly deposited into the fibers of the carpeting. Of course, the humidity and even damp shoes will provide the bacteria with a wonderful place to live and grow. Regular and professional commercial carpet cleaning is the only way to keep a business free from as much bacteria as possible. Carpet cleaning from the professionals at RK Cleaning Services can help to keep your place of business a healthier place for customers, clients and employees alike.

Fort Lauderdale Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The average person has no clue as to the problems that business properties have to deal with when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. There are loads of carpet cleaning companies in Fort Lauderdale that advertise that they can handle the carpeting in commercial properties. Let’s face it; businesses have a lot more traffic than the average residential home. They face so many more challenges than the typical homeowner. People track in so much dirt and debris that a newly cleaned carpet can quickly look like it hasn’t been maintained in years. Most Fort Lauderdale businesses do not want to have that look for their clients or customers. In fact, dirty and stained carpeting in a business can make potential clients or customers turn around and walk right out the door. Losing business because of dirty carpeting should never be an option. RK Cleaning Services in Fort Lauderdale will send their commercial carpet cleaning specialists to make the carpets in your shop looking and smelling great.